In line with government guidelines issued on May 28th 2020, we are updating the advice on use of green to bowling members with effect from Monday 1st June 2020. There are a number of strict conditions which must be met at all times which have been outlined in the guidance which has been verified by the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA).   Members are asked to use common sense when considering their own fitness or wellness to bowl.


1) The green will be open for limited time periods only. In our case, the green will be open 7 days a week from 1pm to 7.45pm. We will be still be operating a booking and registration scheme as set out in the regulations and as detailed in points 4,5 and 6 below. Only bowling members are allowed on the green.


2) Only 3 jacks permitted on the green at any one time. Social distancing measures apply at all times.


3) You should only partake with members of your household (maximum of 3 people) or with one other person per jack from outside your household in which case social distancing measures MUST be observed. The person who joins you must be a bowling member of Broad Oak BC. Any junior bowler under 18 can only bowl as part of a family group from the same household and the group size in that case should not exceed 3 people as shown in the guidelines.


4) Please note that whilst this is a time consuming situation for the committee, the statutory guidelines point out that a full register of who has used the green and when has to be maintained at all times so that the track and trace data is available to the authorities on demand if required.


5) Members cannot access the green unless they have reserved a slot. Slots are on the hour every hour from 1pm to 7pm daily and last for 45 minutes.  When your allotted slot ends after 45 minutes, you must immediately leave the club premises to leave the green and surrounds free for the next members to begin their booked session. The maximum time allowed on the green in any one day is 45 minutes per member. No member can bowl more than once in any one day. The maximum number of people allowed on the club premises at any one time is 6. This can be six bowlers following the guidelines above, but you are now also allowed to bring with you a named spectator as part of the guidelines. If spectators are present, the number of allowed bowlers will decrease accordingly and at any one time, the total number of people on the premises shall not exceed 6.


6) Bookings can be made in one of two ways.


a)   E-mail and leave your mobile telephone number, names of ALL people who you wish to join your booked session along with a preferred date and preferred time.


b) Call the dedicated booking number on 07306 377369 between 10am and 8pm any day to book.


Once a booking is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail or a text to confirm the date and time.   PLEASE DO NOT AT ANY TIME JUST TURN UP AT THE CLUB TO BOWL AS THIS CONTRAVENES THE ADVICE GIVEN.


You can book for one session at a time and when your session is completed, you may then book for a further session.


7) If the weather is inclement, you may well receive a notification to say that the green is closed. Please adhere to and respect this and check either your e-mail account or phone before proceeding to the green to see if any message of cancellation has been received.


8) Members must use their own equipment and be fully responsible for their own hygiene. The club premises are NOT allowed to be open during this phase and that includes for toilets and hand washing purposes. This may be relaxed during later phases. We recommend that you carry your own hand sanitiser with you. The guidelines also recommend that you sterilise your bowling equipment before and after use. The club has been told not to make any of its own equipment available for use at this time.


9) Please would members respect this in this phase of the gradual steps towards fully reopening. As in phase 1, this is an opportunity to enjoy a bowling session, but it is not an opportunity for a social gathering.



Following a successful initial trial with the booking system in phase 1, this system will continue to be used until we are advised that restrictions have been lifted further. Please be sensible and do your bit to ensure that the system works as per the recommendations. Any member who is found to be in contravention of the details listed above will not be allowed on the green until the committee decides otherwise.



Issued by the committee in line with BCGBA guidelines on 1st June 2020